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Why Negotiation Effectiveness Is Critical in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Now more than ever, success in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry relies on an organization’s ability to successfully navigate the challenges and pace of change across the manufacturer and retailer business landscape through effective negotiation. 

Supply chain challenges, cost pressures, changing consumer behaviors, and the acceleration of digital and omni-channel disruption have led to challenging internal and external problems to solve. Negotiation remains a critical capability for organizations and individuals alike to work through today’s commercial realities.

Empowering CPG organizations to create value, strengthen partnerships, and deliver results is The Maker Group’s specialty. 

We’re a team of negotiation experts who can help you take your negotiations from good to great. 

The Maker Group: Consulting and Advisory Support for Addressing CPG Challenges

The Maker Group’s negotiation experts are here to provide advice and best-practice strategic perspective through even the most complex negotiations.


The strategies and tactical plans that we develop jointly with your teams will give you the tools necessary to successfully execute your most critical negotiation with confidence.


When working with The Maker Group, you can count on us to bring practical and relevant best-practice to help you shape your negotiation strategy in a way that drives internal clarity and maximizes external outcomes. 

We’ll provide you with the resources your team needs to assess, plan, and execute the most effective negotiation strategies through our tailored negotiation advisory services.


We’ll provide you with the tools you need to help your team focus on the following areas:


  • Internal clarity and alignment
  • Strategic and tactical planning 
  • Communication and relationship strategy
  • Planning and execution
  • And more


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How The Maker Group Consulting Can Help CPG Teams Improve Negotiation Strategy and Effectiveness

The Maker Group specializes in negotiation consultancy and training. Our number one goal is to help your company maximize profitability while maintaining strong partnerships empowering your employees with strengthened negotiation skills

For those in the CPG industry, our consultants help in a variety of ways, including the following: 

#1: Processes & Infrastructure Development

It’s the golden rule: know what you want to achieve prior to even starting a negotiation. But most negotiators fail to follow this rule. 

Without a clear plan and process to follow, negotiators can quickly lose sight of objectives and take a negotiation in the wrong direction. It is vital to have a clear process for planning and executing your strategic negotiations. 

The Maker Group focuses on developing client-specific ways of working for planning and executing negotiations. Combined with our best-in-class methodology and planning tools, we help CPG companies provide clarity to their execution teams.

#2: Partnerships and Relationship Management

When managing long-term business relationships, communication is key. CPG companies need to manage a host of customer relationships, all at varying levels of strategic importance and complexity.

To effectively communicate, negotiators need to understand WHO they are communicating with and HOW to convey the message that needs to be delivered. 

The Maker Group can provide your team with comprehensive communication strategies, ensuring that your team can articulate messages with confidence while implementing the changes necessary to address business challenges. 

#3: Key Initiative Support

Given the pace of change across the industry, CPG companies are having to respond to strategic asks from their customers as well as execute key initiatives such as pricing, supply chain, omni-strategies, and innovation.

The Maker Group specializes in helping CPG companies execute strategic initiatives in a way that maximizes outcomes and maintains relationships. Our process helps CPG companies align on clear objectives and operating principles, build strategies for effective external engagement, and support frontline negotiators through completion of their negotiations.

FAQs About The Maker Group’s Negotiation Consulting for the CPG Industry

The Maker Group knows that negotiation strategies are not one-size-fits-all. Other negotiation consultancy firms offer standard approaches. Instead, we work with our clients to build a negotiation strategy that is effective and as unique as their business. 

We build our services from the ground up based on your business’s specific situation, challenges, and pain points. 

One wrong decision can have a substantial impact on a negotiation — quickly turning a potential win into a loss. Effective negotiation in the CPG industry requires a combination of internal alignment, clear principles for engagement, robust strategy, and tactical action plans.

Our negotiation consultants can help strengthen your negotiation strategy and help your employees prepare to navigate any challenges that may arise.

Contact us to book a consultation. 

From there, we’ll ask for specific information about your negotiation consulting needs. When you’re ready to start our process, we’ll work with you to schedule introductory calls and meetings with key stakeholders of your business to learn more about the challenges that need to be addressed. 

Once we have all the pertinent information, our negotiation consultants can help your team create a tailored strategy to achieve your goals and drive profitability. 

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