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World Class Negotiation Solutions In New York

We deliver world-class negotiation consulting and training services to businesses throughout New York.

Who Are We?

We’re an in-house team of expert negotiators.
We’ve trained tens of thousands from well-known brands around the world.
We’re an intimate firm that customizes our training for each client.      

What We Do: Offer Negotiating Solutions To New York Businesses

A staggering 40% of employees in the U.S.A. don’t have confidence in their negotiation skills.


But, having employees with good negotiation skills is a necessary asset to any company. Not only do negotiation skills promote better internal relationships, but they also improve client relationships.


Stop leaving money on the table with every deal and enlist top-notch experts to train your employees on negotiation best practices.


The Maker Group are top negotiators who have spent decades perfecting negotiation tactics and strategies and can share that experience with your employees through negotiation programs that include:


  • Customized consulting and skills training solutions to maximize negotiation potential
  • Practical negotiation development workshops and training programs; and
  • Deal-specific negotiation consulting services


Using the latest eLearning technology, we provide engaging, unique, and tailored consultations and workshops that will teach you and your employees how to be effective negotiators.


We aren’t just another corporate training company. Our tried and tested Maker Framework will help your company achieve its goals by leaving your employees with negotiation strategies they’ll want to use.

Services We Offer

Negotiation Consultations: New York

We teach a process-based behavioral strategy and methodology that promises to maximize the value proposition with every negotiation.

Our deal-specific consulting propositions are based on each clients’ specific needs.

We work with you to gain perspective on…

  • Cultural development       
  • Tactical execution, and     
  • Organizational viewpoints

…so we can understand every challenge faced by your organization. 

At your convenience, we’ll conduct an exploratory call with you and your team that will help us understand your unique challenges so that we can formulate a tailored workshop that will deliver real results. 

Negotiation Training: New York

Are you a business in New York looking for next-level negotiation skills training and consultation?

The Maker Group offers three customized levels of negotiation training:

  • Virtual online eLearning workshops         
  • On-site training (COVID policy in effect)
  • Off-site training (COVID policy in effect)

Our proprietary Maker Framework negotiation planning program removes the guesswork from the planning and execution of every negotiation.

Negotiation / LV1
Virtual Workshops in New York

Our LV1 Virtual workshop provides organizations with self-led, virtual negotiation training that leads teams through the… 

…necessary to carry out successful negotiations. 


The LV1 Virtual Workshops work best for new employees or veteran team members who want to advance their negotiation techniques. 

This workshop encompasses negotiation best practices and will result in an enhanced… 

…without the need for consultant-led training. If you’re in the market for a virtual course, our Negotiation LV1 Virtual Workshop could be the perfect fit for your team.

Negotiation/ LV2
Experiential Workshops in New York

If in-person negotiation consulting and training is more your style, our Negotiation/LV2 experiential workshops in New York could be exactly what your team needs.

Our tailored workshops can be delivered in-person or virtually and are customized for teams of up to 12 people.

Negotiation/LV2 experiential workshops work well for people who are:

With The Maker Group, your in-person workshop LV2 will take place in one 12-hour day.

Or, you can opt for the virtual session which is delivered throughout 3 modules of 4 hours each.

Intensive Training Workshop in New York

For companies searching for more thorough and comprehensive training in New York, try our Negotiation/LV3 Intensive Training Workshop. 

During the LV3 negotiation training in New York, your team will: 

Our Negotiation/LV3 Intensive Workshop is available in two delivery methods: 
Our Negotiation/LV3 training is the most popular option for companies serious about improving their teams’ negotiation skills. Not only because our clients love how comprehensive and thorough the training is, but also because your team will receive:

The Maker Group: New York Training FAQs

Are you ready to give your team’s negotiation skills a boost? We can help. 

Contact The Maker Group today for more information. 

Our negotiation training is tailored to the specific demands and challenges of your business. 

In advance of the training, we’ll conduct…

  • Introductory calls
  • Exploratory meetings, and
  • Interviews with all key stakeholders

…as part of our commitment to developing the most dynamic and effective training for your organization.

We analyze the challenges you face as a team and from a negotiation perspective, we’ll find solutions that deliver results.

We bring decades of commercial negotiation experience to our workshops and we’ll put our proven behavior strategies to work for your organization. Together, we’ll conquer every challenge along the way.

We’re motivated by our mission to deliver world-class, tailored negotiation solutions to your team. 

Using real-world scenarios, our training team will:

  • Uncover deficiencies in the negotiation tactics used by your team
  • Analyze your team’s behavior; and
  • Deliver realistic goals and strategies that your team will use

If you’re ready to take your team to the next level of negotiation and success, call The Maker Group for your free initial consultation. We make good, great.