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World Class Negotiation Solutions In Columbus, Ohio

We deliver world-class negotiation consulting and training services to businesses throughout the Columbus area.

Who Are We?

We’re an in-house team of expert negotiators.
We’ve trained tens of thousands from well-known brands around the world.
We’re an intimate firm that customizes our training for each client.      

What We Do: Offer Negotiating Solutions To Columbus, Ohio, Businesses

With nearly half of American employees lacking confidence in their skills and knowledge of negotiations in the workplace, it’s no wonder more Columbus companies are turning to quality negotiation training.


Employees with effective negotiation and communication skills not only contribute to the overall success of a business by delivering quality solutions, but they also build better relationships.


If your employees aren’t equipped with these fundamental skills, your business could be leaving a whole lot of money on the line.


At The Maker Group, not only do we understand the importance of increasing profitability in your organization, but we also offer negotiation programs that are 100% tailored to the needs of your business, including:


  • Negotiation training and developmental workshops
  • Business consulting services; and
  • Customized solutions designed to maximize the profit potential in every negotiation.

We leverage the most current online technology and provide engaging consultations that help teach your team how to be effective negotiators — every time.


Our customized training solutions will deliver the results you’re looking for. The Maker Group will leave an impact on your team by ensuring that our solutions can be implemented immediately.


Our top goal is to ensure our tailored training is everything your team needs to help skyrocket your business to reach its full potential.  

Services We Offer

Negotiation Consultations Columbus

We’ll teach your team how to maximize the value proposition with every negotiation by showing them how to apply our process-based methodology and behavioral strategies.

Every one of our consultations is geared directly toward our client’s needs. We take an organizational and cultural perspective when developing the training that will take your team to the next level when it comes to negotiations. 

We’ll set up an exploratory call with your organization’s key stakeholders, and combining our years of commercial negotiation experience and expertise with the challenges you face every day, we’ll work together to create a winning strategy. 

Negotiation Training Columbus

If you’re a business located in the Columbus, Ohio area in need of negotiation training, The Maker Group offers three types of training, including:

  • Virtual training                            
  • On-site team training; and     
  • Routine consultation services

Using our proprietary Maker Framework, we’ll take the guesswork out of preparing for and executing negotiations. 

Negotiation / LV1
Virtual Workshops in Columbus

We offer a self-led, virtual program, known as the LV1 Virtual Negotiation Workshop, designed to establish the fundamental …

…  that lead to profitable negotiations.

This workshop is a winner for both new hires who need that confidence boost and veteran negotiators looking to refresh their skills at the negotiation table. Our LV1 workshops have resulted in an increased …

… without having to remove your team from the sales floor for on-site training.

Negotiation/ LV2
Experiential Workshops in Columbus

On-site training has proven to be very effective, especially if you have a team that could boost morale and improve interpersonal communication skills.

For that reason, The Maker Group also offers our LV2 Negotiation Workshop, an experiential training that could be the perfect solution for your team.

These workshops are offered both virtually and on-site for your convenience and are designed for intimate groups of 12 people or less.

LV2 Negotiation workshops are an ideal fit for teams who:

Our on-site workshop is offered as a one-day experience that takes 12 hours to complete. 

The virtual workshop can be divided into three self-led, individual modules that are four hours each.

Intensive Training Workshop in Columbus

If your team requires a more intensive experience, then we recommend our LV3 Negotiation Workshop, ideal for companies who need their teams to:

This intensive workshop is our most popular and can be completed virtually or on-site. 

Each participant will receive 1-year access to our proprietary Maker Framework, a digital negotiation tool that includes built-in coaching hours and a multitude of eLearning resources. 

The Maker Group: Negotiation Training Columbus FAQ

Registering for our negotiation workshops in Columbus is easy. Once you’ve made up your mind, simply contact us for more information. 

We believe that your team deserves the best chance at success. This means eliminating outdated, cookie-cutter training solutions offered by most negotiation training firms. 


At The Maker Group, we structure our training to encapsulate the daily struggles of your team and turn them into daily successes. Our training is heavily customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. 


Built from the ground up, our workshops start with … 


  • An introduction call 
  • Interviews; and 
  • Exploratory meetings 

… all designed to capture exactly what your business needs to be successful in every negotiation.


We examine every aspect of the negotiation challenges your team faces and tailor solutions that will get you the results you’ve been waiting for. 

We have combined decades of …


  • Commercial negotiation experience
  • Expertise; and 
  • Proven methods


… to share with your team. And we’ll implement the behavioral strategies and practical solutions that are sure to give your team the upper hand in every negotiation.


We strive to provide businesses like yours with first-class workshops that are custom-tailored to your team’s unique needs.


If you’re searching for negotiation training that takes your teams’ skills from good to great, then Contact The Maker Group today.