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The Importance of Negotiation Consulting for Lawyers

Negotiations are a part of daily life for lawyers, but that doesn’t mean all lawyers know how to negotiate successfully.


Unfortunately, millions of dollars are left on the negotiating tables of law offices across the country every year. 


Law firms must create a negotiation culture that improves financial outcomes and mitigates reputational risks. 


At The Maker Group, we empower lawyers to strengthen key relationships, create value, and deliver profitable results with every negotiation.

The Maker Group: Negotiation Consulting for Lawyers

We’re a team of high-level commercial negotiators with decades of experience servicing some of the largest companies in the world. When it comes to negotiations, we’ve seen it all. We understand the challenges faced by lawyers and have innovative solutions for every situation.


We thrive on delivering value through our bespoke negotiation consulting for lawyers. We share our proven and practical methodology that’s built on the understanding of modern-day behavioral techniques and will help your firm reach its objectives.


We’ll teach your firm how to maximize the negotiation planning process to get the results you’re looking for with every transaction.


We help lawyers focus on areas such as: 


  • Strategic prioritizing
  • Tactical planning
  • Process and infrastructure
  • Client alignment and collaboration
  • Execution and closing techniques


We learn better by doing, which is why we take a hands-on approach to our negotiation consulting for lawyers. 


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At The Maker Group, our goal is to make good — great.

3 Ways The Maker Group Can Help Law Firms Improve Negotiation Strategy and Effectiveness

Using proven strategies, we’ll guide you through the process of instilling confidence in your legal team by equipping them with the skills and knowledge every negotiator should have. 


For those in the legal sector, The Maker Group’s negotiation experts can help in the following ways. 

#1: Prepare for Uncertainty

Lawyers often find themselves unprepared to adapt to the challenges of their client’s industry, which can make negotiations difficult even at the basic level.


Effective negotiation ensures that all parties leave a deal feeling satisfied with the outcome — but this is not possible if negotiators are unprepared for potential industry nuances.


Our consulting strategies are backed by our proven 8-Step Maker Framework and a methodology that equips lawyers with clear direction for every negotiation.

#2: Secure Maximum Value for Clients

For lawyers, relationships are a critical component of a successful negotiation. Lasting business relationships are formed through collaboration, but it’s up to lawyers to uncover the value proposition of every deal. 


The Maker Group can provide your firm with the knowledge required to execute multi-sided negotiations that prioritize a “win-win-win” outcome.


When you equip your legal team with effective communication strategies, you’re giving them an advantage over the competition. From actively listening to articulating their client’s needs and wants, your legal team will have the confidence to execute any negotiation, all while protecting your client’s bottom line. 

#3: Forging Contract Agreements

Lawyers are problem-solvers for their clients, but negotiations only work if all parties involved are mutually satisfied. Without agreement from all parties, forging a contract becomes near impossible.


Lawyers must have the ability to protect their client’s interests while identifying and leveraging the compromises that bring value to the other side of the deal.


Crafting negotiations that foster a win-win outcome is critical to successfully forging binding contracts.

FAQs About Negotiation Consulting for Lawyers

Effective negotiation strategies require critical thinking, adaptability, and most importantly, a good plan. Many negotiation consultants are stuck on hard-handed, traditional negotiation methods. The Maker Group knows that the best negotiation strategies are founded on proven methodologies and principles. 


We build our consulting services from the ground up. Our goal is to address the unique challenges faced by your lawyers and alleviate your pain points.

One wrong move during a negotiation can result in massive losses for your clients. Law firms simply can’t afford to make costly mistakes on their client’s behalf.


Our consulting services emphasize clear engagement strategies and tactical execution planning, positioning lawyers to succeed in every negotiation.


The Maker Group will sharpen your negotiation skills by introducing fail-safe processes that prepare your firm for any challenges that may arise during negotiations.

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