World Class Negotiation Solutions In Louisville

We deliver world-class negotiation consulting and training services to businesses throughout the Louisville area.

Who Are We?

We’re an in-house team of expert negotiators.
We’ve trained tens of thousands from well-known brands around the world.
We’re an intimate firm that customizes our training for each client.      

What We Do: Offer Negotiating Solutions To Louisville Businesses

As an integral part of everything your business does, negotiation skills are essential skills every employee should possess — which doesn’t seem to be the case in the U.S., where more than 40% of employees lack the confidence needed to perform successful negotiations.

Fortunately, with the proper training, employees have access to the tools needed to build stronger professional relationships, increase profits and deliver quality solutions for your business.

Don’t risk leaving another dollar on the table — ensure your employees have the necessary negotiation skills by working with the commercial negotiation experts at The Maker Group. 

Our customized negotiation workshops and training are built based on your business’s demands. 

We have a clear understanding of the impact effective negotiations have on your bottom line, which is why we work closely with businesses by providing:  

  • Developmental negotiation training and workshops
  • Business consulting services; and
  • Tailored solutions to maximize your profit potential 

By leveraging the latest online technology, The Maker Group creates engaging and powerful workshops to train your team to become expert negotiators. 

Our workshops are tailored to your business’s specific needs — this way, we’re able to leave a lasting impression on your team and offer them solutions that can be immediately applied to the negotiations they participate in. 

Services We Offer

Negotiation Consultations Louisville

We use a process-based methodology and unique behavioral strategies that emphasize the importance of value proposition in negotiations.

We meet your company’s unique needs by creating fully customized consultations and workshops — we don’t do cook-cutter negotiation training, nor should your business. 

The Maker Group not only dissects issues your team faces from an organizational standpoint but from a cultural one, too. 

By arranging an exploratory call with the managers and stakeholders in your company, we can get a clear picture of your company’s issues and develop a winning negotiation strategy. 

Our top priority is providing your team with the skills and tools they need to overcome the negotiation challenges they face daily with confidence. 

Negotiation Training Louisville

If you are a Louisville business and are searching for negotiation training that your team will benefit from, The Maker Group is here to help. 

We offer three different levels of training: 

  • Virtual training                           
  • On-site team training; and     
  • Routine consultation services

Take the suspense and stress out of planning and executing negotiations by using our proprietary Maker Framework. 

Negotiation / LV1
Virtual Workshops in Louisville

The LV1 Negotiation Workshop is self-led and designed to teach the fundamental…

…  that promotes successful and lucrative negotiations.

New hires and veteran negotiators who need to freshen up their negotiation skills and build their confidence will benefit the most from this workshop. The LV1 workshop is created to increase … 

… without the need for conference-style training. 

Negotiation/ LV2
Experiential Workshops in Louisville

If you’re looking for a way to increase team morale, improve communication skills and help your team become more comfortable with one another, the on-site LV2 Experiential Workshops may be the perfect fit.

Intended for up to 12 employees, the LV2 workshops are offered virtually and in person. 

The Experiential Negotiation training and workshops are ideal for employees who: 

The LV2 training is offered as a full day, 12-hour experience for businesses looking for on-site training opportunities.

Or, if a flexible schedule best suits your needs, the LV2 training is also offered as a virtual, self-led workshop consisting of three modules that last four hours each.

Intensive Training Workshop in Louisville

Lastly, but certainly not least important, is our LV3 Negotiation Workshop. This workshop is considered The Maker Group’s most intensive training. If your company needs help with … 

… the LV3 Intensive training and workshop is the ideal training opportunity. 

Aside from the intensive training, the LV3 workshop also includes The Maker Framework. This unique program offers employees who have completed the LV3 training coaching hours and access to built-in eLearning resources.

The Maker Group: Negotiation Training Louisville FAQ

Contact us for more information on how to register your Louisville business for negotiation training with The Maker Group.  

The Maker Group’s team consists of top-notch commercial negotiators with decades of combined experience and expertise.


We provide businesses like yours with bespoke negotiation training and strategies.


No matter your industry, The Maker Group is here to help. Maker Group employs only the top commercial negotiators — we never outsource our talent.


Our customized solutions enable teams to feel confident in any negotiation.


We start building our training by taking the following steps:


  • An introduction call to get to know you
  • In-depth exploratory calls with your management team; and
  • Interviews with your stakeholders and staff


Each step is designed to identify the challenges your business is facing.


By uncovering these unique challenges, our team can develop the proper training to get you the results you’ve been hoping for. 

If you’re ready to …

  • Increase profitability
  • Improve communication
  • Retain customers; and
  • Drive more business

… The Maker Group’s negotiation training is the right training for your team. 

Our cutting-edge workshops are customized to meet your business’s specific challenges and needs. 

The Maker Group doesn’t settle for cookie-cutter solutions; we’re here to make good, great.