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World Class Negotiation Solutions In Denver

We deliver world-class negotiation consulting and training services to businesses throughout the Denver area.

Who Are We?

We’re an in-house team of expert negotiators.
We’ve trained tens of thousands from well-known brands around the world.
We’re an intimate firm that customizes our training for each client.      

What We Do: Offer Negotiating Solutions To Denver Businesses

More than 40% of U.S. employees don’t have confidence in their negotiation skills. 


Having great negotiation skills not only contributes to the success of your business by fostering better relationships and driving profitability, but also gives employees the confidence to generate solutions and implement changes.  Without effective negotiation skills, your business will not maximize their power and will leave money on the table.


The Maker Group can help you to increase your profitability by empowering your employees with our 100% customizable negotiation programs, including: 

  • Deal specific consulting support
  • Tailored training solutions that maximize negotiation potential
  • Practical development workshops and negotiation training programs

We leverage the latest in online eLearning technology to provide compelling and engaging consultations and workshops that prepare our clients to be more effective negotiators in the real world. 

We’re not just another corporate training company — we offer actionable and practical negotiation strategies that impact the bottom line and drive immediate results. 

Our mission is to deliver tailored solutions to help your organization achieve its objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Services We Offer

Negotiation Consultations: Denver

Our process-based behavioral strategies and methodology will help your company maximize the value proposition in every negotiation.

We utilize deal-specific consulting propositions customized to each client’s unique and specific circumstances and requirements. We work with you to better understand:

  • Your organizational competency             
  • Corporate culture and ways of working 
  • Goals, objectives, and targets                  

Following an exploratory call with your team, we will formulate solutions that address the challenges that are specific to your business and industry. Next, we’ll help your company implement negotiation strategies that deliver real results.


Negotiation Training: Denver

If you’re located in the Denver area and are in search of negotiation training, we offer three different types of training:

  • Virtual online eLearning workshops         
  • On-site training (COVID policy in effect)
  • Off-site training (COVID policy in effect)


We’ll utilize our proprietary Maker Framework negotiation planning process which takes the guesswork out of planning and executing any negotiation. 

Negotiation / LV1
Virtual Workshops in Denver

Want your team to learn how to lead a successful negotiation? The LV1 virtual workshop allows your business the opportunity to engage in a self-led negotiation training that will introduce the…

…required to lead an impactful negotiation.

Our LV1 Virtual Workshops are perfect for new employees and even veteran negotiators who could benefit from a refresher on negotiation best practices. 

This is THE industry leading self-led negotiation course, guaranteed to increase: 

…without the need for consultant led programs. Our Negotiation LV1 Virtual Workshop promises the best results for your team.

Negotiation/ LV2
Experiential Workshops in Denver

We offer in-person negotiation training in Denver as well. We’re happy to come to you with our Negotiation/LV2 experiential workshops that are designed for small groups of no more than 12 people. Or opt for our virtual sessions if it better suits you. 

These intimate training sessions are uniquely tailored to your business — not the cookie-cutter training you can expect at large conventions. 

Negotiation/LV2 experiential workshops are designed for employees who are:

Virtual sessions are offered in three self-led modules, all four hours in length, whereas the in-person workshop is a full one-day experience at a location of your choosing.

Intensive Training Workshop in Denver

If you’re ready to engage in the most intensive negotiation training we offer in Denver, then Negotiation/LV3 is perfect for you.

With our LV3 negotiation training in Denver, your employees will:

The training is available in two delivery methods:
When you opt for Negotiation/LV3, you’ll also receive 1-year access to The Maker Framework, a digital negotiation tool with lasting impact. In addition, you’ll receive eLearning resources and post-workshop coaching hours.

The Maker Group: Denver Training FAQs

Are you ready to amp up your employees’ negotiation skills? We can help. Contact us for more information or to schedule your dates.

Don’t waste your time and money on generalized negotiation training — add real value and actionable strategies with a customized negotiation training package. Standardized training just doesn’t cut it for companies with specific needs and goals in mind.

The Maker Group will tailor your negotiation training program to target your company specific challenges and goals. We start with an introduction call which leads to exploratory meetings and interviews with key stakeholders so that we fully understand the needs of your organization.

We take a solutions-based approach to the unique challenges faced by your business to bring you measurable results. 

With our combined decades of commercial negotiation experience and our proven behavior strategies, we’ll provide your team with both the skills and confidence needed to deliver results.

Our training is customizable and uniquely designed to serve the specific needs of your company. The Maker Group offers training with real-world scenarios and negotiation tactics that take your employees from uncertain to unstoppable.