Our strategic business planning services help clients elevate their strategic value with customers and transform from incremental to exponential growth trajectories.


Negotiation Planning Tool

Determine power dynamics, sort and rank variables, track deal progress and collaborate in real time using a single platform.


A common framework and step-by-step guidance for planning and executing your deals. 


Drive internal alignment with real-time collaboration, leveraging cross-functional team synergies. 


Real-time feedback and negotiation specific guidance in every deal.


Easily access Data from past negotiations to inform and prepare for future negotiations.

Get new hires or role changes up-to-speed fast by understanding historical interactions. 

Ensure what was agreed to gets done through deal compliance and tracking.


Our dashboard gives you an overview of individual and company-wide negotiation statistics and progress. 


Quickly analyze your organization’s negotiation capability.


Capture and quantify incremental value gained through effective strategies.


Identify behavioral weaknesses and opportunities for development

Negotiation Planner Software Features

Cross-Functional Alignment Across the Organization

Sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, and legal, all operate from one unified negotiation playbook. 

Maker Connect drives the adoption of common negotiation principles, tools, language, and ways of working.

Deal-Specific Strategic Guidance

The Maker Connect Negotiation Management System (NMS) provides insights to assist in the planning and execution of all negotiation types.

It provides real-time feedback and negotiation-specific guidance for every deal.

The more aspects of the tool used, the richer the guidance provided to the user.

Historical Data Retention

Data retention ensures you have access to critical institutional knowledge for negotiations, including:

  • Negotiated variables
  • Offers and counteroffers
  • Size and timing of concessions
  • Final agreed upon deal terms 

All in one place, all the time.

Real-Time Collaboration

NMS is optimized for collaborative planning.

  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • Execute 

Collaborate with colleagues from anywhere in the world with real-time, multi-party editability. 

Knowledge Repository

Streamline Onboarding – Save Time and Money

Maker Connect allows a seamless transfer of knowledge to your new employees and gives them the data and insights they need to be successful from day one.

Admin Dashboard

Actionable information at your fingertips. 

Organization-wide metrics on ongoing and completed negotiations. 

Real-time feedback on organizational enablers, obstacles, perceived power states, negotiation confidence levels, and incremental value created.


Negotiation Planning Software FAQs​

While our software can be used as a stand-alone tool to help organizations take a holistic approach to negotiation planning, it is intended to be a companion piece to our negotiation training programs.

When our trainings are combined with the use of our negotiation planning software, it ensures a clear understanding of successful processes and clear, unified ways to implement them.

Does your organization have specific verbiage and processes for negotiations you’d like to continue to use? Our system allows for customizations within the tool to best fit your organization. 


Additionally, we can implement integrations that will allow you to populate events directly into your calendar, activate Single Sign-On (SSO) procedures to access our platform directly, and more. In the future, look for us to be able to integrate directly with your CRM.

Our Negotiation Management System is an incredible organizational and planning tool that has been created with proprietary information to give guidance and lend understanding about how you should consider thinking about different scenarios within a negotiation.


Receive step-by-step guidance on preparing, planning, and executing deals backed by proven data and the psychology of negotiation.

Maker Connect’s Negotiation Management System (NMS) has a user-friendly interface that can be used right off the shelf.


We also offer different service packages that allow you to scale the amount of training and coaching you’d like to receive. 


Our Process + Capabilities package offers experiential training and interactive digital learning opportunities, and our Process + Capabilities + Strategy package also incorporates support from a Negotiation Success Manager.

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