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Why Negotiation Effectiveness is Critical in the Healthcare Industry

Success in the healthcare industry is heavily reliant on an organization’s ability to effectively navigate complex contract negotiations.


Contract negotiations remain a critical capability in the healthcare industry. It’s essential that every contract results in reduced costs, fewer risks, and more profits.


The Maker Group empowers healthcare providers to strengthen relationships with key players in the industry by creating value and driving profitability.  


Our expert negotiation consultants can help make your negotiators great. 

The Maker Group Consulting and Advisory Support for Overcoming Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

The Maker Group provides negotiators with a best-in-class strategic perspective through even the most complex negotiations. 


We can show your team how to develop tactical plans and strategies while providing you with the tools needed to successfully execute critical negotiations with ease. 


When you choose The Maker Group, you’re choosing pragmatic and relevant best practices. We can teach you how to shape your negotiation strategy to maximize both internal and external outcomes. 


Our clients are given the necessary resources to assess, plan, and execute the most effective negotiation strategies with our negotiation consulting for the healthcare industry. 


We’ll provide your team with the tools needed to focus on the following areas:


  • Internal alignment
  • Strategic and tactical planning 
  • Communication and relationship strategies
  • Planning and execution
  • And more


If you’re ready to take your negotiation strategies from good to great, click here to learn more about our consulting services. 

How The Maker Group Consulting Can Help Healthcare Companies Improve Negotiation Strategy and Effectiveness

The Maker Group is composed of expert negotiators who specialize in the healthcare industry. We’ll help you build and maintain strong partnerships with equipment suppliers, insurance providers, and pharmaceutical companies, all while driving maximum profitability. We’ll equip your team with the confidence needed to succeed in negotiation by providing access to proprietary tools and proven strategies. 


For organizations that fall within the healthcare industry, our consultants can help in a variety of ways, including the following. 

#1: Identifying Hidden Cost Savings

Negotiators need a clear picture of how vendors can increase costs and cut into profit margins. With the clarity of these practices, your team can execute negotiations successfully, never losing sight of the goal. 


Our consulting strategy combines our best-in-class methodology and proven 8-Step Maker Framework, giving healthcare providers clear direction for future negotiations.

#2: Relationship Management

Communication is critical to managing long-term business relationships. Healthcare providers depend on a variety of relationships with varying levels of complexity and strategic importance.


Negotiators must know the motivations of those they’re communicating with to understand how to deliver the messages that ensure success. Our consulting team provides negotiators and stakeholders with comprehensive communication strategies that allow every message to be articulated. 

#3: Supply Chain Management

The healthcare industry changes at a pace much faster than most other industries. Responding to the developing needs of clients while managing vendor relationships, medical device procurement, and shipment needs is a must for every healthcare provider.


The Maker Group specializes in supporting healthcare companies through these changes and challenges by offering advice that maximizes the outcome of every negotiation. We’ll help your team develop a competitive advantage by equipping them with tools that build supply chain-focused negotiations and leave nothing to waste.


Your frontline negotiators need support. The Maker Group can help.

FAQs About The Maker Group’s Negotiation Consulting for the Healthcare Industry

Effective negotiation strategies require critical thinking. Many negotiation consultancy firms use the same old “in-the-box” approach. At The Maker Group, we help our clients formulate a negotiation strategy founded on proven principles and methodologies while addressing the unique challenges of the healthcare industry.


We build our consulting services from the ground up, with a focus on your organization’s unique challenges and pain points.

One misstep can make or break a negotiation and potentially cost millions of dollars. Healthcare providers simply can’t afford to leave that kind of money on the table. With a clear strategy for engagement and a tactical action plan, negotiators are far better poised to execute successful negotiations.


The Maker Group can help you hone your negotiation skills by implementing a fail-safe plan and process every time. Our team will prepare you for any challenges that may arise during healthcare negotiations.

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