Our Story

We’re a team of experienced commercial negotiators; all from industry, having cut our teeth negotiating complex, high-value deals in the real world. Each of our commercial negotiation consultants has spent years servicing some of the largest companies in the world, providing best-in-class solutions and support. We know your world, we understand your challenges, and we know how to help.

Our Vision

To deliver value and drive profitability for the client. Full stop. Whether it is our bespoke consulting solutions or our practical and pragmatic training and development workshops, delivering tailored solutions that help our clients achieve their objectives is always our number one priority.

Our Methodology 

We focus on practical methodology and real-world behavioral techniques that have been proven to drive profitability within organizations. Utilizing our exclusive Maker Framework process, we take the guess work out of planning and preparing for negotiation. Underpinned by proven behavioral psychological models, we combine both strategic and behavioral aspects of negotiation to answer the “what” AND the “why” in regards to effective negotiation execution. Leaving your team confident to tackle any problem.