Our strategic business planning services help clients elevate their strategic value with customers and transform from incremental to exponential growth trajectories.

What we do: NEGOTIate

Driving profitability through effective negotiation.

We deliver world-class negotiation consulting and training services. Our deal specific, bespoke solutions, help your team maximize their potential in any negotiation.

Becoming an effective negotiator is an iterative process, requiring a combination of practice, guidance, feedback, and repetition. Whether it is partnering on a key initiative or creating an organizational competency, we work hand in hand with our clients to devise full negotiation curriculums that address the long-term specific needs of not only the organization, but the individual as well. 


By employing our rigorous Maker Framework planning process along with tried and tested behavioral frameworks and decades’ worth of real world commercial negotiation experience, we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.

How competent are your employees in negotiating?

of US based employees don't feel confident negotiating
of woman are not comfortable negotiating
of men are not comfortable negotiating

We can help.

There is an average of 41% confidence increase upon leaving TMG workshops with 98% of participants reporting impactful behavioral change, leading to higher comfort levels when executing their negotiations, and increased profitability.



Integrating best-practice strategies and negotiation expertise to support your most critical negotiations. With our end-to-end support for operationalizing key initiatives, playbook development, and tactical execution support, our consulting and advisory services are guaranteed to drive successful.



Pragmatic development and embedding programs. Delivering tailored solutions that help our clients achieve their objectives is always our number one priority. Through our partnerships we will create a negotiation competency throughout your organization, and develop a best-practice roadmap for sustained behavioral change to deliver lasting results and higher ROI.

Negotiation Planning Tool

Negotiations Simplified

Want to ensure the ideas and processes you take away from our world-class training make a lasting change in your organization? Check out our first-of-its-kind digital negotiation planning tool, The Maker Connect Negotiation Management System (NMS.)

Deal-Specific Strategic Guidance

Maker Connect provides real-time feedback and negotiation-specific guidance for every deal. The more aspects of the tool used, the richer the guidance provided to the user.

A Common Framework

A unified system that drives the adoption of common negotiation principles, tools, language, and ways of working. Drive negotiation planning and execution rigor and efficiency by ensuring cross-functional alignment across the organization.

Real-time Collaboration

Optimized for collaborative planning. With real-time, multi-party editability, you can plan, prepare, and execute deals collaboratively with colleagues from anywhere in the world.

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