Our strategic business planning services help clients elevate their strategic value with customers and transform from incremental to exponential growth trajectories.

What we do: Sell

Our selling solutions advance capabilities in highly practical ways, helping clients be more choiceful, strategic, and successful with each sales event.

Inspired Selling

Transform your selling proposition from a price-led collection of products into a compelling and differentiating value-based consultative solution that applies significantly greater capital committed returns with TMG’s INSPIRED SELLING.

Customer Segmentation

Stop approaching each customer as if they offered the same level of partnership and growth potential using TMG’s STRATEGIC LADDER data and relationship-driven segmentation model, enabling more purposeful omni resourcing choices and profitable growth.

Story Telling

Learn the principles, process, thinking frameworks, and best practices for crafting engaging and highly persuasive selling stories with TMG’s STORYTELLING FOR RESULTS.

Trade Optimization

Apply our market-tested process to benchmark and define optimal external and internal policies as well as exception, escalation and enforcement actions with TMG’s TRADE NAVIGATOR.

Problem Solving

Learn the principles, process, and best practices for efficiently identifying and resolving the root cause of any challenge with TMG’s SOLVE.

Sku Productivity

Advance your next line review preparation and outcomes to new levels with TMG’s SKU ASSESSMENT MASTERCLASS, where you will learn how to assess category SKU performance like a buyer, quantify the value of higher-performing and at-risk SKUs, and identify vulnerable items for action.


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