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Negotiation / LV1

Your Introduction to Negotiation

Negotiation LV1 is a self-led, virtual training with a game-based learning approach. This results in increased retention, engagement, and completion rates. Users are able to complete the program at their own pace and are evaluated throughout using a points-based system, giving themselves and leadership insight into their progress and proficiency. This also allows for comprehensive reporting back to our clients.

LV1 Virtual is scalable and available for single-license use or a complete company-wide unlimited license deployment, serving as an introduction to all things negotiation.

LV1 is effective for new hires and seasoned veterans alike, serving as either an introduction to all things negotiation or a refresher for those who have been negotiating for years.

Participants will leave this session with:

Negotiation / LV2

Establishing Your Negotiation Foundation

Negotiation LV2 is an experiential negotiation workshop that can be delivered either in-person or virtually. It is designed for groups of up to 12 people who are either in negotiation support roles or for whom negotiation is quickly becoming an increasingly important part of their job. 


This workshop gives participants exposure to a structured framework for how to approach, plan, prepare, and execute their negotiations. Using an effective mix of hands-on learning through case-based negotiations as well as consultant-led input sessions, delegates get the opportunity to learn, and more importantly, practice their negotiation skills in a safe environment.


Participants will tackle three different negotiations during the workshop, both as individuals and in teams. Negotiations are reviewed, allowing the opportunity to observe the appropriateness or inappropriateness of their behavior. 


In addition to the feedback delivered by the consultant throughout, the negotiation training workshop concludes with personal feedback for each participant with both the consultant and the peer group helping individual participants arrive at a heightened understanding of their areas of strength and potential improvement.

LV2 Program Highlights


      1. 1.5 days
      2. Hosted onsite
      3. Case-based learning approach
      4. Customizable
      5. Highly interactive
      6. Accompanying eLearning resources
      7. 90 Days of access to The Maker Framework digital negotiation planning tool
      8. Up to 12 participants


      1. Three modules (4 hours each)
      2. Delivered through our proprietary eLearning platform
      3. Case-based learning approach
      4. Customizable
      5. Highly interactive
      6. Accompanying eLearning resources
      7. 90 days of access to The Maker Framework digital negotiation planning tool
      8. Up to 12 participants

Participants will leave this session with:

Negotiation / LV3

Gaining the Edge in Negotiation

Negotiation LV3 is an intensive negotiation training workshop that can be delivered either in-person or virtually for groups of up to 8 people. It is designed for those who are leading and executing high-value, complex negotiations within their organization or for anyone looking to take their negotiation skills to the next level. 


Participants learn both an effective structure and process to help them plan, prepare, and execute successful negotiations as well as the necessary behaviors that lead to optimal negotiation outcomes. 


Based heavily on modern behavioral psychology and science, this negotiation workshop dives deep into the minds of negotiators, using human behavior to answer many of the “why” questions pertaining to negotiation and to make sense of others’ actions and behaviors.


The workshop is 75% practical, as we believe that negotiation skills are best developed by doing. Many different types of negotiations are conducted and analyzed using video to highlight the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the strategies, tactics, and behaviors used.


Every participant receives direct feedback both from the consultant throughout the workshop and from their peer group at the end. In addition, each participant receives a personalized characteristics graph highlighting their innate areas of comfort and discomfort, giving them actionable information on areas to improve upon leaving the workshop.

LV3 Program Highlights


      1. 2.5 days
      2. Hosted on or offsite
      3. Behavioral focus
      4. Case-based learning approach
      5. Customizable
      6. Highly interactive
      7. Video review and feedback
      8. Accompanying eLearning resources
      9. 90 days of access to The Maker Framework digital negotiation planning tool
      10. Built-in coaching hours post-workshop
      11. 360° Feedback & Embedding
      12. Up to eight participants


      1. 4 modules (4-6 hours each)
      2. Delivered through our proprietary eLearning platform
      3. Behavioral focus
      4. Case-based learning approach
      5. Customizable
      6. Highly interactive
      7. Video review and feedback
      8. Accompanying eLearning resources
      9. 90 days of access to The Maker Framework digital negotiation planning tool
      10. Built-in coaching hours post-workshop
      11. 360° Feedback & Embedding
      12. Up to eight participants

Participants will leave this session with:

2 Things That Make The Maker Group’s Negotiation Workshops Different

At The Maker Group, we believe that people learn by doing. Our philosophy and approach to negotiation training is deeply rooted in experiential learning. Unlike negotiation workshops you may have attended in the past that rely on hours of lectures and textbook theory, our training courses are not only deeply engaging and challenging, but they are also fun. Here’s how we’re different:

#1: Our Experiential Approach

The Maker Group negotiation training workshops are experiential — you will learn by doing, whether the course is in-person or virtual. Our hands-on approach to developing your negotiation skills includes group activities, challenging exercises, and in-depth case studies.


One of our methods that yields the best results is to present the participants with situations that challenge their assumptions and have them problem solve a solution on the spot. The consultant will then regroup with the participants to discuss:


  • What their solution was
  • How could it have been better
  • Why they may have failed
  • How not to fail in the future
  • How and Why it’s applicable to negotiations
  • Why it matters 


Our negotiation workshops were created to allow participants to make decisions outside of their comfort zone and learn from their mistakes. Passive learning and long lectures do not drive lasting impact or results and are not our style. Over the course of two-and-a-half-days we will deeply engage each participant on an individual level, creating a personalized learning journey for each, while honing their negotiation skills.


Feedback is near universal; participants love our negotiation workshops and call them some of the best professional development courses they have ever been a part of. They are highly educational while also being interactive and fun, which is not common for multi-day training program.

#2: Our Proprietary Technology

To adapt to today’s hybrid work environment, many negotiation skills training programs had to scramble to adapt their content for a virtual environment. In many instances, this has resulted in a compromised training and learning experience for the participants.


At The Maker Group, we built our negotiation workshops from the ground up with a virtual-first mindset. Our proprietary virtual platform serves as the foundation for all our negotiation workshops, whether in person or virtual. Our platform hosts all the activities, exercises, and case studies associated with our workshops, making our trainings a seamless experience for the participants and enables them to maximize their learnings in the most time efficient manner possible.


In a hybrid world, our technology-first approach lends itself to either virtual or in-person delivery of our workshops. Regardless of the option chosen, the participant experience remains the same. The lessons and learnings that are delivered are equally impactful and effective; fundamentally changing participants perspectives in negotiation. Making them vastly more confident negotiators, which in turn, makes them vastly more effective negotiators.

Negotiation consulting industries we work with

Negotiation Training Workshops: Industries We Work With

Our negotiation workshops are industry agnostic and universally applicable, as the core principles, learnings, and strategies transcend industry borders. However, we have also developed deep industry expertise across a multitude of industries which allows us to speak to and address the real world challenges and opportunities that exist specifically in your world.


Read more about some of the industries we work with and the bespoke negotiation training approaches we take when working with teams in that industry.

Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Construction & Engineering

Agricultural Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Chemicals Industry

Media & Entertainment Industry

Extractive Industry

Healthcare Industry

Lawyers Industry

How to Get Started With Our Negotiation Workshops

Wondering if The Maker Group’s approach is the right fit for you or your organization? Get in touch for a complimentary negotiation consultation to discuss how we can support your organization’s needs.

This 30-minute session will allow you to meet with one of our negotiation experts and learn how we can help you and your organization in your next negotiation. 

Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

10 FAQs About Our Negotiation Training Workshops

Yes, our programs are customizable. We will work hand-in-hand with key stakeholders from your team to identify specific challenges, initiatives, or areas of focus that apply to your company. Then we will co-develop content to address those concerns.

Our negotiation case studies are commonly customized in workshops. These can be developed to incorporate real-world challenges and opportunities faced by your team — which allows members to pressure-test strategies and vet assumptions prior to their upcoming negotiations.

Depending on the scope of customization requested, it may take anywhere from 6-12 weeks for research, development, and revisions.

Provided your offices have enough meeting space available and are catering-accessible, we are happy to host our workshops there.

Our sessions are robust and do not allow for multitasking. Participants should come prepared to fully immerse in learning and should clear schedules during session timings. 

The time required for pre-work varies on the program type and course level but can range from one to three hours.

Our team will partner with your organization, managing all communication to ensure expectations and deliverables.

Our negotiation skills training programs leave participants with a clear understanding of a negotiation process and provide them with the tools they need for easy implementation post-programs. 

We also have a suite of embedding programs to support initial negotiation workshops. Our team can provide your organization with a full negotiation curriculum to ensure our lessons stick today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

That’s great! This means they have a base to build from. Our programs are unique and will challenge any would-be negotiator, regardless of their:


  • Background
  • Experience level; or 
  • Job title


Furthermore, if a large base of your organization has gone through other negotiation training in the past, we can develop specific transitional content to translate what they already learned into a unified modern approach to negotiation. Nothing will be lost.

Working hand-in-hand with your IT team, we can seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem using a safe and secure Single Sign-On (SSO) procedure.

The programs themselves are identical, and each receives overwhelmingly positive feedback. Regardless of the format, we guarantee an impactful and long-lasting outcome.

We have developed an industry first —  a digital negotiation preparation software called Maker Connect. This negotiation management system allows users and organizations to plan, prepare, and execute negotiations like never before.


Guiding users through each step in the negotiation process, all while providing real-time feedback and guidance on actions and next steps, this tool is designed to act like your own personal negotiation consultant. It instantly improves your skill level as a negotiator and strengthens organizational competency in the process. 


Click here to find out more about our negotiation preparation software.

Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

Here’s what real-life executives and team members have to say about The Maker Group’s negotiation training workshops.

" The Maker Group has given us a more disciplined and organized approach to negotiation. The result is a more effective sales organization that creates value for both Avery Dennison and our customers with every interaction. "

Michael Barton

VP/GM External Embellishments and Global Commercial Retail Brands at Avery Dennison

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