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World Class Negotiation Training Solutions In Phoenix

We deliver world-class negotiation training and consulting services to businesses all throughout the Phoenix area.

Who Are We?

We’re an in-house team of expert negotiators.
We’ve trained tens of thousands from well-known brands around the world.
We’re an intimate firm that customizes our training for each client.      

What We Do: Offer Negotiating Solutions To Phoenix Businesses

Unfortunately, at least 40% of business employees in the United States lack confidence in their ability to negotiate.


But, employees who have excellent negotiation skills can make a substantial difference in the success of your business. Not only do they offer quality problem-solving abilities, but they help build stronger internal and external relationships.


So, rather than leaving money on the table in every negotiation — simply because you have an untrained team let us give them the skills they need.


The Maker Group’s team of expert commercial negotiators has decades of experience. We know how quality negotiation training can increase profitability by enhancing productivity through successful negotiations.


Our negotiation workshops and training are 100% customizable and include:


  • Consulting services
  • Bespoke negotiation training and workshops for commercial negotiators; and
  • Individualized solutions that maximize the negotiation potential in every team member


By leveraging the latest in online technology, we’re able to offer dynamic consultations that provide your team with the negotiation skills they need to help your business reach its goals.


Our priority is to deliver tailored solutions to help you and your team execute effective negotiations every time. 

Services We Offer

Negotiation Consultations Phoenix

We’ll give your team the ability to maximize the value proposition with every negotiation by utilizing process-based methodologies and behavioral-based strategies.

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and goals of your business.

By working side-by-side with your sales management team, our experts will customize an experience that integrates your team’s cultural and organizational perspectives. We deliver consultations and workshops that give your team the negotiation strategies that they can implement today.

We make it our mission to fully understand the unique challenges your business faces on a daily basis.

During a scheduled call with your primary stakeholders, we’ll gather all of the information required to develop a training program that is sure to deliver the results you’re looking for.

Phoenix Negotiation Training

Phoenix companies trust The Maker Group to deliver negotiation training that promises results. Our training is offered in three levels, including:

  • Online training                                  
  • Live group training sessions; and
  • Routine training services               

With our proprietary program, known as The Maker Framework, we’ll take the guesswork out of preparing and executing flawless negotiations.

LV1 Phoenix Virtual Negotiation Training: Workshops

The LV1 Virtual Workshop gives your team the flexibility of self-led, virtual negotiation training that emphasizes the …

… required to execute a productive negotiation.

Our LV1 Virtual Workshops are created specifically for new hires, but veteran employees who may struggle with old, irrelevant negotiation habits will benefit greatly from the training. 

Our LV1 Virtual Workshops increase …

… while keeping your team on the sales floor, instead of in the boardroom.

LV2 Phoenix Negotiation Training: Experiential Workshops

If you prefer a live training experience, you’ll want to consider our LV2 Negotiation Training Workshops. This type of negotiation workshop is ideal for employees who are:

The Maker Group’s Negotiation LV2 training is the perfect fit for your company if it’s in-person training you prefer, but it’s also offered virtually for those who want to remain flexible.

Virtual sessions consist of three four-hour modules, while the in-person workshop will take place over one 12-hour day.   

LV3 Negotiation Training:
Our Most Intensive Workshop

Our LV3 Negotiation Training is our most popular because of how comprehensive it is. It includes:

This highly effective, intensive workshop is offered live or online. If you prefer in-person training, you’ll need to plan for two 12-hour days. If you want the freedom of virtual training, then we’ll provide access to four self-led modules of 5-6 hours each. 

Upon completion, every LV3 Intensive Training participant will be given one year of access to our built-in coaching and eLearning resources, known as The Maker Framework.

The Maker Group: Negotiation Training Phoenix FAQ

Getting started is easy. Once you’ve decided that a practical negotiation training or workshop is right for you, then just give us a call. We’ll discuss your options based on your goals and begin developing customized training to suit your needs. 

Forget generic training. The Maker Group promises tailored workshops that guarantee success. We’re committed to creating a unique, experiential training experience that exceeds your company’s expectations.

We’ll design training that meets your company’s specific requirements and help your team overcome the challenges faced daily.

Our training is built from the ground up — from the minute our discovery call with your stakeholders ends. 

Our negotiation experts tailor training workshops that provide negotiation solutions for every member of your team.

You need training that promises tangible results. The Maker Group delivers.


With a proven method for teaching negotiation skills and decades of commercial negotiation, The Maker Group provides companies all across Phoenix and surrounding areas with the tools and confidence to execute flawless negotiations.


If you’re ready for …


  • Increased company morale
  • A confident sales team; and
  • Record profits


… The Maker Group’s Negotiation Training Workshops are exactly what your company needs.