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Why Negotiation Consulting Is Critical in the Procurement Industry

To be successful, negotiators in the procurement industry must keep pace with the changes and challenges of this highly competitive landscape.


With various stakeholders involved in every deal, procurement negotiators have to employ critical thinking at every turn.


Negotiation consulting provides the necessary expertise, insights, and strategies that help procurement companies navigate complex negotiations, mitigate risks, and optimize outcomes.


Negotiation experts, like those at The Maker Group, have the industry knowledge, combined with extensive experience, that can help companies:


  • Improve their bargaining power
  • Maintain critical relationships; and
  • Secure favorable outcomes


Our goal is to ensure the long-term success and profitability of the procurement companies we work with.

The Maker Group Consulting and Advisory Support for Overcoming Challenges in the Procurement Industry

As a trusted and renowned provider of consulting services, specifically tailored to the industries we serve, including the procurement industry, we help companies overcome the many hurdles faced within the industry every day.


Our understanding of the specific complexities and dynamics of the procurement industry makes us the strategic partner procurement companies need to navigate uncertain times. With a team of seasoned consultants, we bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience that enables companies to quickly identify and address key pain points.


At The Maker Group, we leverage innovation and expertise to empower procurement companies to make informed decisions and help them thrive in a highly competitive market.


We help companies in the areas that they struggle with the most, whether it’s streamlining RFPs, efficient and responsible sourcing, or creating complex contracts. The Maker Group is committed to providing exceptional consulting support that drives tangible and potent results for our clients.

How The Maker Group Consulting Can Help Negotiators in the Procurement Industry Improve Negotiation Strategy and Effectiveness

The Maker Group specializes in negotiation consulting for multiple industries, including the procurement industry. We assist companies in building and maintaining strong internal and external relationships while continuing to drive profits and see results. 


Our proven strategies are backed by years of research and a deep-seated knowledge of behavioral patterns. We equip procurement negotiators with the confidence and ability to succeed in negotiations by providing access to our proprietary tools.


For companies within the procurement industry, our consultants can assist and guide in a variety of ways, including: 

#1: Processes & Infrastructure Agility

Successful negotiations within the procurement industry necessitate an established and defined path that helps negotiators stay on course with key objectives. We help negotiators by equipping them with the tools to make intuitive decisions during fast-paced negotiations.


With emphasis on process clarity, negotiators remain ardent when pursuing negotiation goals.


The Maker Group’s consulting strategies are custom-built for the procurement industry and combine our proprietary 8-Step Maker Framework with proven negotiation methodologies. Our bespoke approach provides procurement negotiators with a clear path forward so that every stage of the negotiation process is handled with precision and efficiency.


The only result is a successful one.

#2: Relationship Maintenance

The procurement industry demands clear, concise communication that fosters long-term business relationships. 


Procurement negotiators rely on a diverse range of relationships of varying levels of complexity and strategic importance. Not only must negotiators understand and empathize with their business counterparts, but they must also possess the ability to effectively convey crucial information.


At The Maker Group, our seasoned negotiation consultants concentrate on providing comprehensive communication strategies that are tailored specifically for the procurement industry. Our strategies ensure that messages are articulated with ease and that all communication promotes enduring partnerships within the industry.

#3: Strategic Growth Facilitation

The procurement industry is nothing if not dynamic. The constantly evolving nature of the industry demands negotiation strategies that facilitate growth and promote profitability.


Negotiators are challenged with ongoing adaptation to the changing needs of suppliers, clients, and industry compliance. The Maker Group specializes in supporting procurement companies and their negotiators by providing built-for-you strategies that align teams with shared operating principles and objectives.


We help teams strengthen key partnerships by providing the support frontline negotiators need.


Let us help your company successfully navigate the daily challenges faced by procurement negotiators.

FAQs About The Maker Group’s Negotiation Consulting for the Procurement Industry

We are experts at understanding and recognizing the daily hurdles procurement negotiators face. We know that to be effective negotiators, innovative thinking is a must.


We provide the necessary guidance using our proprietary and proven methods, designed especially to tackle the challenges within the procurement industry. 


Our consulting services are meticulously built from the ground up. We place significant importance on addressing the issues that are unique to your company and negotiation team. 


Using our customized approach, strategies, and tools, your team will be fully equipped to overcome obstacles while achieving a new level of success for your organization.

There’s very little room for error in the procurement industry. A single mistake can have significant and costly consequences. With the supportive guidance of The Maker Group, your chance of success skyrockets. Not only do we help your team of negotiators prepare clear strategies for negotiation success, but we ensure they have the confidence to overcome adversity throughout the process.


Our unique approach to negotiation strategizing includes the implementation of fail-safe plans to navigate the high-stakes world of procurement at every level.


Using our specialized tools and resources, your negotiators will be motivated to achieve the best possible outcome in every negotiation. You can count on The Maker Group for the guidance you need to elevate your negotiation standards and performance.

Contact us to book a consultation. 


We start the process by scheduling an exploratory call with your key stakeholders. This gives us an inside look at your specific pain points and objectives. Using a collaborative approach ensures internal and external alignment and allows us to custom-tailor strategies for your organization.


Working cohesively creates a lasting impact on the success and achievements of your negotiators, drives profitability, and helps you reach your desired goals.


The Maker Group is committed to delivering best-in-class negotiation solutions that allow your company to excel and thrive when faced with the unique challenges of the procurement industry.


We make good, great.

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