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Why Negotiation Training Is Essential for Agribusinesses

Negative profit margins, budget cuts, small farms, and ranches doing their best to avoid exploitation. 


The pressure on those in the agricultural industry keeps increasing — and the challenges are never-ending. 


Effective negotiation strategies can enable those in the industry to negotiate contracts, communicate more confidently, and assess partnerships clearly. 


The experts at The Maker Group: 


  • Enable agribusinesses to effectively navigate the ins and outs of negotiations in the industry 
  • Enter into negotiations feeling prepared; and 
  • Show You how to take your negotiation skills from good to great.

The Maker Group: Negotiation Training for the Agricultural Industry

Agribusinesses big and small are facing challenges constantly, such as:


  • Unfavorable government policies 
  • Little to no financial support; and 
  • Unstable market conditions


Knowing how to get exactly what your agribusiness needs out of a negotiation can be detrimental to your success. 


Luckily, our team of expert negotiators has helped numerous businesses overcome challenges by developing innovative solutions. Our top priority is to help you drive profitability and provide value through customized negotiation training and techniques. 


The Maker Group’s negotiation training provides agribusinesses with a modern, practical, proven methodology. 


With The Maker Group on your side, you’ll be problem solvers and innovators of the industry. We’re here to help teach your team to focus on the following areas: 


  • Building leadership
  • Improving relationships
  • Reaching compromises 
  • Protecting your rights 
  • Preparation, detailed plans, and deliverables


At The Maker Group, we offer experiential training that focuses on real-life situations. We believe in learning by doing with a hands-on approach. We utilize case studies, exercises, and training to overcome industry challenges. We’ll help your team learn from their mistakes through a personalized growth journey. 


For more information or to register for negotiation training for the agricultural industry, contact us today. 


The Maker Group — making good, great.

How The Maker Group Training Can Help Agribusiness Negotiators Improve Their Negotiation Strategies

With decades of experience, the negotiation training team at The Maker Group specializes in negotiation training across all industries, including the agricultural industry. Improve your negotiation skills and maximize profits through our proven negotiation tactics.


For those in the agricultural industry, our team can help in a multitude of ways, including:

#1: Developing Processes and Infrastructure

Successful negotiation, especially in the agricultural industry, requires a plan. Without one, negotiations can go south quickly. When you understand the importance of relationships and account management, planning for negotiations becomes much easier. 


The Maker Group teaches negotiators how to effectively onboard and manage new clients and partners through proper prioritization and planning. 


We work hard to continue to offer tailored training that allows us to provide the proper tools and systems agribusinesses need to plan and execute successful negotiations. 

#2: Enhancing Communication & Embracing Collaboration

Build strong relationships and streamline communication with suppliers, distributors, and vendors with the help of The Maker Group.


Without proper communication, managing business relationships becomes nearly impossible — especially in an industry that involves cultivating relationships in all sorts of areas, from production and harvesting to storage and distribution. 


We’ve created negotiation training that provides your team with communication strategies that clearly convey your business’s message and maximize the value of every negotiation. 

#3: Contract Negotiating in a Competitive Industry

Negotiators in the agricultural industry have the opportunity to become the problem-solvers for those depending on their services. Those in the agricultural industry already know their jobs are dependent on demand — and there’s always a demand. 


Gain a clear understanding of demands while also understanding more about your client’s needs and priorities with the help of The Maker Group’s negotiation experts. 


Become an ardent negotiation powerhouse by proactively changing operating models and communication methods with a tailored-to-your-business negotiation training program offered by The Maker Group. 

FAQs About Negotiations In the Agricultural Industry

We offer several levels of training and consulting, and based on your needs and goals, we’ll tailor our training to match.


Whether you’re new to the industry or have been around for decades, our comprehensive training can help you achieve your goals. 


To get started, we’ll schedule an introductory call with your team’s managers and key stakeholders. Whether you’re struggling with exportation requirements, competition, market access, or any other challenges, we’ll show your team how to leverage costs and benefits during negotiations. 


We understand the unique issues faced by the agricultural industry. Our goal is to help you overcome these challenges with our customized negotiation planning and execution strategies.

The beauty of working with The Maker Group is that our training programs are completely customized, based on the needs of your business. 


We believe the more time spent improving your negotiation skills, the better off your business will be long-term — but we also understand that in the agricultural industry, time is money. 


Our training is structured around one or two-day training sessions that can be completed in-person or virtually, on your time; saving you the stress of trying to find time away from the needs of your business.


Our proprietary Maker Framework establishes clear negotiation guidelines that help your team constantly evolve as the industry continues to change. 

Just like in the agricultural industry, nothing is one-size-fits-all about negotiations. We customize every training to meet the needs of our clients. 


We strongly believe in our practical and proven methodology. With a modern-day understanding of behavioral psychology, we assist negotiation teams in overcoming the challenges of the agricultural industry.  


We’ll provide each participant with a unique and individualized learning journey specific to their skills and abilities. Instill the confidence they need to become an asset to your team with the help of The Maker Group. 


We’re ready to equip your team of negotiators with the tools, methodology, and strategies required to build — and maintain — better relationships and negotiate better contracts. Learn more about our negotiation training for the agricultural industry by contacting us today


Get ready to take good, to great, with The Maker Group. 

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