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Why Negotiation Training Is Essential in the Construction and Engineering Industry

The construction and engineering industry is faced with a multitude of challenges that create difficulties for negotiators. From the rapid rise of inflation to supply issues, negotiators must adapt their strategies and evolve with industry changes.

Construction and engineering companies must meet this demand and equip their negotiators with the tools and strategies needed to meet the demands of today’s clients.

Enter The Maker Group.

Our training and consulting solutions have helped C&E negotiators effectively and successfully adapt to a progressively volatile construction climate, overcome objections, and increase the profitability of every contract.

The Maker Group: Negotiation Training for the Construction and Engineering Industry

Our team consists of experienced commercial negotiators who have serviced some of the largest companies in the world. We’ve seen your challenges and have developed innovative solutions to the problems faced by your construction and engineering negotiators today.


Our objective is to drive profitability and deliver value through customized negotiation solutions for the construction and engineering industry. We can help you reach your goals through our proven, practical methodology utilizing modern-day behavioral techniques.


We focus on the current trends in the construction and engineering industry by helping your team develop a negotiation strategy that will maximize the joint business planning process. 


You will become innovators and problem solvers.


We’ll help your team reach the next level with areas of focus that include:


  • Laying the groundwork for the negotiation
  • Preparing for multi-sided negotiations
  • Contract negotiations
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Strategic prioritizing 

Our training workshops are experiential, with a focus on real-world scenarios. Your team will learn by doing. Our hands-on approach utilizes in-depth case studies, challenging exercises, and retraining the brain to embrace construction and engineering industry changes.


We’ll challenge your team to change their way of thinking and to make decisions outside of their comfort zone. We drive lasting results by creating a personalized learning journey that allows each participant to learn from their mistakes all while honing critical negotiation skills.


Our proprietary Maker Framework puts technology at the forefront of our training solutions and encourages negotiators to adapt to the hybrid work environment of today. The experience is the same, regardless of whether you choose our in-person or virtual sessions.


For more information or to register for negotiation training for the construction and engineering industry, contact us today. 


The Maker Group — we make good, great.

How The Maker Group Training Can Help Construction and Engineering Negotiators Improve Their Negotiation Strategies

The Maker Group specializes in negotiation training across all industries, especially the construction and engineering industry. We prioritize strategies that empower your employees to sharpen their negotiation skills while maximizing company profits.

For those in the C&E industry, our trainers can help in a variety of ways, including the following: 

#1: Developing Processes and Infrastructure

Construction and engineering negotiators need a plan. Without laying the groundwork for a negotiation, it can quickly take a wrong turn. For this reason, your team must be properly trained and educated on the infrastructure and processes of negotiation.

This starts with understanding the importance of relationship building and account management. With our trainers at your side, we’ll teach your negotiation team how to effectively onboard and manage new clients through strategic prioritizing and joint business planning.

We’ve developed the tools and systems needed to both effectively plan and execute a client-focused negotiation as well as measure the outcome. 

#2: Embracing Communication & Collaboration

In the construction and engineering industry, relationships are critical to the success of any negotiation. Long-term business relationships are formed through collaborative efforts, but negotiators must understand the WHAT and the WHY behind every client request or demand.

The Maker Group can provide your negotiation team with the knowledge required to execute multi-sided negotiations with a “win-win-win” outcome in mind.

We’ll equip your team with comprehensive communication strategies that will give them the upper hand in any negotiation. From active listening to effectively articulating their message, your team will have full confidence in their ability to negotiate anything.

#3: Contract Negotiating in a Volatile Market

Construction and engineering negotiators have an opportunity to become problem-solvers for their clients. Frequent and open communication is required to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s priorities while still considering market volatility.

To avoid the inevitable shock of inflation, it’s crucial for companies in the C&E industry to proactively change operating models and how they communicate and negotiate with clients.

Initiating a dedicated negotiation training program is essential for the growth of any C&E company. The Maker Group will identify any capability-building opportunities that will support the restructuring of your contract negotiation model.

FAQs About Negotiations In the Construction and Engineering Industry

We offer several levels of training and consulting, and based on your needs and goals, we’ll tailor our training to match.

Whether you’re a newer company or have been around for decades, our “ground-up” approach to training will help you achieve your goals.

We start by scheduling introductory calls with your managers and key stakeholders. From there, we uncover all the challenges faced by the C&E industry, and by your company specifically. This helps us develop bespoke training solutions made for you.

We understand the unique issues faced by the C&E industry. Our goal is to help you overcome these challenges with our customized negotiation planning and execution strategies.

That’s up to you! But, we believe dedicating the time to improving your negotiation skills will pay off in the long run.

All of our training solutions are fully customized, which means we can structure them around a one or two-day training that can be done in-person or virtually, and completely on your schedule.

Using our proprietary Maker Framework, we establish clear negotiation guidelines that will continue to help your negotiators evolve with industry changes and become problem solvers and innovators.

We’ve never believed in a “one-size-fits-all” solution to any problem. We do, however, believe strongly in our practical and proven methodology using a modern-day understanding of behavioral psychology to assist negotiators with overcoming C&E industry challenges.

We’ll provide each participant with a unique and individualized learning journey that’s specific to their skills and abilities. We want to ignite the passion and drive of every one of your negotiators while instilling the confidence they need to become invaluable partners to your clients.

This simply can’t happen without negotiation training. Let The Maker Group equip your team of negotiators with the current strategies and tools required to build better relationships and negotiate better contracts with your clients. 

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