Why Negotiation Training Is Essential in the Manufacturing Industry

From supply chain disruptions to managing sales leads and learning how to cope with new technological demands — the challenges for negotiation teams in the manufacturing industry are many.


As the industry changes, negotiators must continue to adapt and evolve. 


Manufacturing companies must meet the ever-changing demands of today’s clients by equipping their teams with the tools and strategies necessary. 


Enter The Maker Group.


Our Maker Framework helps manufacturers successfully adapt their strategies to the aggressive climate and change their account management models.

The Maker Group: Negotiation Training for the Manufacturing Industry

The Maker Group is made up of a team of commercial negotiators who have experience servicing some of the largest companies in the world. We understand the challenges manufacturing companies face and can provide innovative solutions to those issues.


Our negotiation training solutions are created with your business in mind. Our goal is to drive profitability and deliver value. Our proven methodology and modern-day behavioral techniques can help your negotiators reach their objectives. 


By focusing on current trends in the manufacturing industry, our experts can help your team shape their negotiation strategy and maximize the joint business planning process.


The Maker Group is here to help manufacturing companies get ahead of the competition by focusing on the following areas: 


  • Customer alignment and collaboration
  • Data Analytics 
  • Strategic prioritizing
  • Process and infrastructure
  • Planning and execution


Every training we offer is experiential — manufacturing teams get to learn by doing. Our hands-on approach helps team members develop skills through challenging exercises and retraining the brain to embrace the new, digital era in the manufacturing industry. 


A technology-first approach is a driving force behind our training solutions. Our proprietary Maker Framework encourages negotiators to adapt to the ever-changing industry. Whether you choose in-person sessions or virtual training, your team members’ experience will be the same. 


For more information or to register for negotiation training for the manufacturing industry, contact us today. 


At The Maker Group, we’re committed to making good, great. 

How The Maker Group Training Can Help Manufacturing Negotiating Teams Improve Their Strategies

The Maker Group specializes in negotiation training across all industries, including the manufacturing industry. We place precedence on strategies that empower your employees to sharpen their negotiation skills and maximize your return on investment.


For those in the manufacturing industry, our trainers can help in a variety of ways, including the following: 

#1: Upgrading Processes and Infrastructure

As with any industry, manufacturing negotiators need a plan. Without clear plans and processes in order, negotiators can quickly take a negotiation in the wrong direction. Maintaining clear processes for planning and executing negotiations is vital. 


The first step is to understand the importance of relationship building. With our team by your side, your negotiation team will learn how to effectively onboard and manage new clients. 


We’ve developed the tools and systems needed to both effectively plan and execute a client-focused negotiation as well as measure the outcome. 

#2: Enhancing Client Relationships

Relationships are critical to the success of any negotiation, especially in the manufacturing industry. 


Negotiations must know the WHAT and the WHY behind every client request or demand. 


Creating and embracing long-term business relationships are formed through knowing these two critical components.


The Maker Group can provide your negotiation team with the knowledge required to execute multi-sided negotiations with a “win-win” outcome in mind.


We’ll provide your team with the strategies needed to give them the upper hand in any negotiation. From learning how to effectively deliver their messages to learning to actively listen, your team will walk into every negotiation with new-found confidence.

#3: Contract Negotiating in an Unstable Market

The manufacturing industry, like many others, faces increasing challenges caused by market uncertainty. Negotiators in the manufacturing industry have the chance to become the problem-solvers for their clients. 


To avoid the inevitable shock of inflation, it’s crucial for companies in the manufacturing industry to reform their operating models and how they communicate and negotiate with clients.


The Maker Group’s experiential training can help your manufacturing team identify opportunities for growth and reorganization of your company’s contract negotiation models. 

FAQs About Negotiations In the Manufacturing Industry

We tailor each of our trainings to match the needs and goals of your company. For this reason, we offer several different levels of training and consulting.


If you’re a new manufacturing business, or you’ve been in the industry for decades, our approach to training will help you reach your goals. 


To get started, we’ll schedule an introductory call with your management team and key stakeholders of your business. From there, we’ll reveal the challenges your manufacturing company faces, as well as those faced within the industry as a whole. 


We understand the unique issues the manufacturing industry faces. Our top priority is helping you overcome challenges with our bespoke negotiation planning and execution strategies.

How much time your team dedicates to negotiation training is 100% up to you. 


All of our negotiation training solutions are customized to meet the challenges of your company and structured to fit into one or two-day sessions that can be completed virtually or in person. 


Using our proprietary Maker Framework, we help your team establish a set of negotiation guidelines that can help your team evolve as the industry continues to change. 

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” about negotiations. We strongly believe that our practical and proven methodology can assist negotiators in overcoming the challenges the manufacturing industry faces. 


We’ll provide each participant with an individualized journey that’s specific to their skills and abilities. Let us help ignite the fire and drive of your negotiation team while instilling the confidence necessary to become an indispensable partner to every one of your clients. 


Allow The Maker Group to equip your team with the current strategies and tools required to build better relationships and negotiate better contracts with your clients. 


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