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Gender In Negotiation

Understanding The Differences Between How Women and Men Negotiate

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    60 minute session (45 min content, 15 min Q&A)
    Unlimited number of participants
    Interactive recorded for future client use

    An introduction to the differences of how genders negotiate

    Negotiation is both an art and a science. There are many differences in how individuals negotiate, let alone how different genders think about and process their negotiations. From understanding how different genders understand power, gender biases, and how genders approach negotiation tactics in their day-to-day professional interactions.


    The Maker Group’s “Gender In Negotiation” Webinar drives awareness of collaboration and competitiveness tendencies between genders using research, scientific studies, and common everyday applicability.


    This webinar drives the critical awareness and nuances that organizations need to understand around the differences between how genders negotiate. From awareness drives understanding and from understanding drives action and alignment.