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Why Negotiation Training Is Essential in the Logistics Industry

Certain essential skills are needed to succeed when dealing with transportation, supply chain, and logistics. But, supply chain professionals, including those in logistics, are always facing new challenges, and negotiators must learn to adapt and evolve.


Logistics companies can only keep pace with the ever-changing demands in the industry by equipping their teams with the strategies and tools necessary.


This is where The Maker Group comes in.


Specializing in logistics negotiation training, our negotiation methodologies and tactics stand the test of time for logistics professionals. We’ll show your negotiators how to adapt these strategies and change their account management models to increase revenue, improve commercial terms, and reduce operating expenses.

The Maker Group: Logistics Negotiation Training

At The Maker Group, our team consists of seasoned commercial negotiators who have serviced some of the largest companies in the world. Not only do we understand the specific challenges faced by logistics companies, but we can provide innovative solutions to help solve ongoing problems.


We structure our negotiation solutions around your specific needs. That’s right, every training is customized to address your specific pain points while helping your negotiators drive profitability while delivering value to your clients.


Using our proven methodology and modern-day behavioral techniques, we’ll help your negotiators reach their objectives by shaping their negotiation strategy and maximizing the joint business planning process.


The Maker Group can help logistics professionals get ahead of the competition in the following areas:


  • Process and infrastructure
  • Planning and execution
  • Customer alignment and collaboration
  • Strategic prioritizing; and
  • Data analytics


Our training is almost entirely experiential. We believe that negotiators learn best by doing, not seeing. With a focus on technical skills, soft skills, and proven behaviors, negotiators can accomplish anything.


Utilizing our proprietary Maker Framework encourages negotiators to adapt to the changing needs of the logistics industry. Whether you choose in-person sessions or virtual training, your team members’ experience will be the same. 


For more information or to register for logistics negotiation training, contact us today. 


At The Maker Group, we’re committed to making good, great. 

How The Maker Group Training Can Help Logistics Negotiating Teams Improve Their Strategies

The Maker Group specializes in negotiation training across all industries, including the logistics industry. We emphasize strategies that empower your employees to hone their negotiation skills while maximizing your return on investment.


For those in the logistics industry, our trainers can help in a variety of ways, including the following: 

#1: Upgrading Processes and Infrastructure

Just like any other industry, logistics negotiators must have a plan. Without clear plans and processes in place, negotiations can easily take a turn for the worse. Maintaining a balanced and logical infrastructure makes planning and executing negotiations a breeze.


The first step is to foster meaningful relationships with suppliers and buyers. With The Maker Group on your side, logistics negotiators learn how to effectively onboard and manage new clients.


Our tools and systems are the best in the industry to ensure negotiators are taking a client-focused approach while having the ability to measure the outcome of every deal.

#2: Enhancing Client Relationships

Symbiotic relationships are crucial to the success of any negotiation, especially in the logistics industry. 


Negotiators should always know the what and the why behind every client’s demand. Building long-term business relationships depends on knowing these two critical components.


Our team of negotiation trainers will provide your negotiators with the skills and knowledge needed to execute multi-sided negotiations with ease.


Your team will be provided with the tools needed to improve business relationships and enter every negotiation with a “win-win” outcome in mind. They’ll learn how to communicate concisely by effectively delivering their message while practicing active listening skills. 


We’ll give your team the confidence they need to succeed in any negotiation.

#3: Contract Negotiating in an Unstable Market

The current global economic crisis has caused a lot of market uncertainty. Logistics negotiators today face new challenges that require them to become problem-solvers for their clients.


Operating models and communication standards need to be reformed to help overcome the inevitable shock of inflation in the logistics industry. Our experiential training can help your logistics team identify new opportunities for reorganization and growth while focusing on improving contract negotiation models.

FAQs About Logistics Negotiations

Our bespoke training solutions are tailored to address your specific concerns and pitfalls. For this reason, we present several options and levels of logistics negotiation training and consulting.


Whether you’ve been in business for decades, or you’re a new fish in the pond, we’ve designed our logistics negotiation training to specifically help you reach your goals.


We’ll begin by scheduling an introductory call with your management team and key stakeholders. This fact-finding conversation will reveal the challenges your logistics negotiators face, as well as the challenges faced by the entire logistics industry.


Our understanding of the unique issues faced by the logistics industry allows us to prioritize planning and negotiation strategies to help you overcome any hurdle.

The amount of time your team dedicates to logistics negotiation training is entirely up to you.


Each of our training solutions is customized to tackle industry-specific challenges, whether it’s done in a one or two-day session. Because we understand the need for flexibility, all of our trainings can be completed in person or virtually.


We utilize our proprietary Maker Framework to help your team establish a set of negotiation guidelines that can be fully managed by negotiators and managers using our software tool called Maker Connect.

The “one-size-fits-all” approach to negotiations simply does not work. Our practical and proven methodology will help logistics negotiators tackle industry challenges head-on. 


Each participant will undergo a personalized learning journey that’s specific to their strengths and weaknesses. We want to ignite the fire of your negotiation team by instilling the confidence needed to become an irreplaceable partner to your clients and company.


The Maker Group exists to equip your team with a current set of skills, strategies, and tools that improve negotiation planning and execution.


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